A Certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt rank indicates a formidable skill level in both Street Self-Defense and Pro MMA applications. A Gracie Blue Belt has no fear in the street, and many successful UFC fighters are adequately armed with this level of skill in ground fighting. A Female Gracie Blue Belt can easily defend herself against an untrained male attacker regardless of size. For a beginning Jiu-Jitsu student in a typical Group Class setting, it might take more than 1 – 2 years of 2 – 3 classes per week to achieve a Blue Belt ranking. If you are among those students that need to achieve this level of proficiency in a much shorter time frame, our 90 Day Fast Track Blue Belt Program may be exactly what you are looking for. 


Our 90 Day Fast Track Blue Belt Program requirements are outlined below. We guarantee results if these requirements are met.

*Instruction is only administered on a Semi-Private basis (2 Students with the Instructor).

*Students need to participate at a minimum of 5 Classes per week for 3 months (90 minute class).

*Successful completion of this course culminates in a Certified Gracie Blue Belt rank and Diploma.

*This 90 Day period can be changed based on the number of classes attended by the student.

*Results are secured by a full money back guarantee.

*This program is only available at our East Houston location (East Sam Houston Parkway near I-10).

*Pricing is negotiated based on each student’s background and prior experience.

*Only serious students are accepted into this very specialized course.


Call us today to set up an appointment to apply for admittance into this program.